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Clothes Rack Nature
Clothes Rack Nature
Clothes Rack Nature
Clothes Rack Nature

Clothes Rack Nature

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Clothes Rack is a simple and clean clothing rack created with care to keep your child's clothing and accessories organized and beautifully displayed. It’s simple construction with rounded edges that are carefully sanded the Clothes Rack brings a calm and graceful atmosphere to the room.

Clothes Rack is beautiful Danish design that easely fits in with the rest of the interior.

Clothes Rack is made in DK/EU from 15mm birch plywood that comes from FSC certified suppliers. It is not “poisoned” with toxic paints or varnish. We use all natural eco-certified and non-toxic paints to colour the wedges and beeswax to give them a soft polished finish.

Clothes Rack is a straightforward and easy-to-build clothing rack. It requires neither screws nor tools.

Assemble me: place the top-bar between the two frames - make sure the highest part of the top-bar is facing up. Use the two “coloured” wedges to hold the Clothes Rack together. Give the wedges a knock to make sure it is fastened right. And give them a knock once in a while to make sure they are fastened right.

Clothes Rack comes in four different coloured wedges: rose, blue, grey & natural

Measurements: h:980mm. X d:580mm. X w:880mm.

Recommended retail prices (RRP): 999 DKK / 134 EUR

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